About Us

I have been restoring antique tractors for about 20 years.  Throughout that time I have always rebuilt my own magnetos.  I live just north of the Twin Cities (Mpls/St. Paul) and have had the pleasure of meeting and working with Neil Yerigan.  I have visited his shop (Electro-Mag Specialties) numerous times when I was just getting into the hobby and he was kind enough to let me watch and learn when I had a magneto I couldn't fix.  I was very sad at his passing several years ago.

With the knowledge I have picked up from Neil and working on magnetos for the past 20 years I can diagnose and repair almost any magneto that comes into my shop.  I work on Wico, Fairbanks-Morse, Bosch, IHC, Edison-Splitdorf, Case and more.  I always have a number of re-built units in my shop for sale and  take your old magneto core in trade for money off on your purchase.

I always buy cores for re-build or for parts.  I have an inventory of brand new and NOS parts on hand for sale or use to rebuild magnetos.  I can diagnose and repair or rebuild your magneto.  People send me mags from all over the country.  I can ship anywhere.  Sometimes people send me their magneto in trade on a rebuilt or they send me their mag to restore.  The choice is yours and I can help in the decision to see which is cheaper or more beneficial for you.

I strive to keep costs down for my customers and don't change out parts for no reason.  I test everything and will only replace parts that don't meet specs.  What you will get is a perfectly operating magneto with a one year warranty.

Questions? Call Rudy at (651) 233-6655